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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Snowman Christmas Tree

Christmas is my favorite time of year!  I have a traditional green Christmas tree with lights and ornaments, but the past few years I also added a bit smaller snowman tree.  I have gotten so many compliments on it, I wanted to share a quick post so you can make one of your own. It's so simple and so cute!!

A simple white pre-lit tree (that I got on sale after Christmas!) and a simple red tree skirt are the easiest finds.  I already had a red scarf that I was able to use for the tree and conveniently, I also had a "Frosty" top hat.  I have seen some at Hobby Lobby and Amazon though.  I got the craft pieces at Hobby Lobby: a white paper lantern (just make sure it is proportional to whatever size tree you are using), small black and orange puffs to make the eyes and nose, larger black puffs to make the buttons (attached with ornament hooks), and black pipe cleaners (I connected two for each arm).  I finished up my snowman with a few white glitter ornaments.

I hope all of you enjoy the holidays! <3

xoxo, Shannon

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