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Monday, June 27, 2016

Top 5 Tips for a Stitch Fix Box You Love!

Tips for a Stitch Fix Box You'll Love

I've blogged about using Stitch Fix before (check it out here), and I continue to use this styling service depending on events or trips coming up in my schedule and if it fits into my budget at the time.

I want to share my TOP 5 TIPS to help you get a Fix that you LOVE!

Stitch Fix Box

#1. Take the time to fill out your style profile and be very specific.
When you first sign up, you will complete a style profile with multiple questions to determine your sizing, style, preferences, pricing, etc.  You can choose if you only want to receive tops and dresses, or if you do not want them to send you handbags, or if you don't want any stripes.  This can be updated as your needs or preferences change.  I usually double check mine about a week before I have a scheduled fix just to see if I want to make any adjustments.

Stitch Fix Style Profile

#2. The note to the stylist is really important.
You will be able to write a note to your stylist for every fix.  Give your stylist a lot of information to work with.  If you schedule a fix for a trip (make sure you allow enough time for the Fix to arrive before you leave, the date you choose is a window and not an exact delivery date!) you can include where you are going, what you will be doing while you're there, the  weather, what types of pieces you need, etc.  The more they know, the better your box will be!

#3. Create a Pinterest board specifically for your stylist (link it in your style profile) and edit it for each Fix.
It's fine if you have general style boards on Pinterest, but I suggest having one JUST for your stylist to look at when styling your Fix.  You are able to add more notes in the description of the board and can update it each time.  Don't pin too many pins, stick to about 25 so it's easy for them to look at and work from.  I pin Stitch Fix items and also pictures of a certain style I like.  Edit the descriptions to say why you like something so they can find something similar for you.  You can view my Pinterest board for my stylist here:  (I also have a Pinterest board of items I've kept from Stitch Fix if you want to get an idea of what is available:

Stitch Fix Pinterest ClosetStitch Fix Pinterest Stylist

4. Realize this is a service to try new items and styles and you are not handpicking items to receive.
SOMETIMES if you pin an item from Stitch Fix or ask for something by name in your note, your stylist may be able to send it to you.  It depends on inventory available and your sizes.  You cannot rely on this though, and you also cannot get upset you didn't receive 5 items from your board.  That's not how this service works.  If you're looking for a specific piece, I would recommend just shopping online or in a store.  You may also not love all 5 of the items you receive (but if you do, you save 25%!) and that's okay.  Even keeping 1 or 2 pieces is worth it!

Stitch Fix Nashville

#5. Leave detailed feedback when checking out.
When you checkout, there are a few choices to give your feedback on an item and also a space to write any comments.  Use this space to talk about the way an item fit or the style.  I have requested to keep my stylist for several fixes and she now knows if something runs really loose I will most likely need an extra small instead of my normal size small.  It's a process that takes some tweaking to get right, and everywhere you have a chance to write out your feedback is helpful for the next time!

I personally LOVE this service, but it's not for everyone.  I love getting pieces that I might not have picked for myself and then falling in love when I try it on.  It's also nice to get pieces that are unique and you don't see EVERYONE wearing when you're out running errands or attending an event.  If you want to give it a try, CLICK HERE to start your style profile!

I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have or help in any way. 

xoxo, Shannon Gillilan

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