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Saturday, June 4, 2016

DIY: Make Your Own Astringent

I have continued to research and try to improve my skin care routine and the products I've been using.  An astringent helps to cleanse and shrink your pores.  It helps with oily and acne prone skin.  I decided to customize my own astringent and save some money!  I use this one a cotton pad only at night before going to bed.

This is super simple to make and doesn't sting like some store-bought cleansers do.  All you need is 100% witch hazel and some essential oils!

You can find witch hazel in pretty much any pharmacy section.  It has a lot of great benefits on its own (tightening skin, fighting bacteria, etc.)

I fill a glass container that has a spout (intended for cooking oils in the kitchen) mostly full of the witch hazel.  Then I add in my essential oils.  You can make so many different combinations with these!  They add extra benefits to the witch hazel and make it smell great.

I chose to use Frankincense, Purification, and Valor.  I added about 10 drops of each into the bottle.  Then I just put the cap on the spout and turn it upside down and back, gently, several times to mix it up.

Frankincense is great to use on skin.  It helps to make your skin look more radiant and smooth.  Purification is an oil blend that soothes your skin.  Valor is also a blend and creates a feeling of refreshment and calming.

Some other great oils you can use with the witch hazel are lavender, tee tree, rose, chamomile, and myrrh.

It's that easy! Plus, the glass bottle looks pretty on the counter :)

xoxo, Shannon

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