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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Interested in PiYo? Get the Details Here!

 I'm sure a lot of you are wondering...what is PiYo?  It's a combination of Pilates and Yoga created by fitness expert Chalene Johnson.

It is being released at the Beachbody Summit THIS WEEK!

These DVDs will give you a low impact workout with high intensity results.  No jumping and no weights.  This is meant to stretch and strengthen every muscle while burning calories!

PiYo Beachbody Chalene Johnson

There will be a 2 week exclusive window for Beachbody coaches and their customers to purchase PiYo on before it's available to everyone else on

The base kit comes with 8 workouts + 1 bonus workout. 

PiYo will retail for $59.85.  Club members will get it for $53.87 and coaches for $44.89.

This program is great for everyone; all ages and all fitness levels!  You can clearly see how each move is supposed to be done and each move also has a modifier.

PiYo Beachbody Chalene Johnson

This will definitely be my next workout program!  I'm all about the shorter workouts and toning my body without bulking up.

Check out these results from a test group!

PiYo Beachbody Chalene Johnson

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Get a sneak peek below!

xoxo Shannon


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